Friday, July 16, 2010


When I created the characters in this book, I had to create kids that had been through a lot. Most grownups assume that just because a kid is young, that they are not brave, edgy, a hero. Well I knew real life kids that were and I used them as examples for my characters.

HEDI – Shamira’s best friend, had to work for her friendship with Shamira. Hedi had been kidnapped, raped, abused and enslaved by the crime organization on Mars. But she fought against the organization by using her hacking skills to find out secrets about their mysterious leader. She kept her flirty nature as a shield to hide behind, but inside she just sought to be loved.

MITCH – He and Shamira never saw eye to eye. He didn’t like the fact that he’d saved Shamira’s life and she didn’t seem to trust his motives. He’d been blackmailed with the life of his sister and became a drug runner for the crime sect that was taking over Mars and he just wanted a way out with his sister.

ANTHONY – The jovial giant that is filled with hope, but afraid to show his doubt. He’s fiercely loyal to his friends and his friendship with Mitch and Hedi go way back to the day they’d been captured. He’d do anything to protect them all. He has tons of respect for Shamira and sees her and Hedi like baby sisters he needs to protect.

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