Friday, July 9, 2010


As a SciFi buff and engineer I love gadgets. Many gadgets. I guess that's why I love writing SciFi, but when writing YA Scifi I don't have to go into the over the hill design specifications for my gadgets. Here is a list of gadgets and weapons used by Shamira and her team.

Club/Sword - Shamira's favorite weapon is a sword that starts off shaped like a club, but with the flick of her wrist it can become a sword then a sword riddled with tiny knives.

Globnet - This is a tiny metal ball that Shamira throws. It expands into a metal net and slaps the victim to any stabilized object nearby.

Truth Tick - This is a bug like mini-robotic tick that when it is attached to the victim will force them to tell the truth

Flying Shoe tags - Valens creates this and they are metal tags that attach to the bottom of shoes and allows the wearer to fly and glide several feet up in the air.

Wind disc - These disc kick up the wind and sand by creating a mini-tornado then after a period of time it blows up

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