Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Here's a tease from BANDITS.

Coughs sounded behind him. Daniel knew his brother and cousin were not far behind. The roar of an engine lit the night. He ran toward the front door to pursue the men who fled, but he tripped forward, stumbling over a firm body. He used his free hand to brace himself before falling face first on the floor. The smoke started to dissipate out of the opened door and Daniel didn’t have to look at the body to see whose it was. The punch of dread hit him dead in his chest when he pushed himself back off the slightly rounded stomach of his father’s large form.

Daniel held back a sob and swallowed. “Keep Nickel back! Keep ‘im back,” he yelled. He sat back on his knees and forced his angry eyes to land on his father.

“No! Damn! Who-did-this?” His lips formed a scowl. Tears from the smoke and his grief fell slowly. Balling his fist, he punched down on his bent knees as grief and desolation caved in on him. Anger at his father - even dislike -didn’t take away the fact that he loved the old man and wanted, him there with them. “Arghhhhhh!” His fist tightened, “I never wanted this. I’ll kill them. Why didn’t you just yell for help? I would’ve saved you,” his voice cracked. He raised his fists and pushed them against his eyes to stop his tears.

Daniel heard his brother cry behind him. “No, no... Dad! Please don’t be dead. NO!” Nickel tried furiously to fight his way out of Faulk’s firm grip.

Daniel’s muscles tightened, and years of training as a thief reminded him to push those sappy feelings of regret down. “Don’t let him go Faulk. Not yet.” He quickly pulled himself together. His expression grave while he examined his father to see if he was breathing. Nothing, he’s gone. The old man’s …gone.

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