Friday, June 8, 2012

Introducing Flutter Of Luv

Just in case you want to get your summer beach read on, check out my new ebook baby, Flutter Of Luv by LM Preston.

Dawn, the neighborhood tomboy, is happy to be her best friend’s shadow. Acceptance comes from playing football after school with the guys on the block while hiding safely behind her glasses, braces, and boyish ways. But Tony moves in, becomes the star Running Back on her school’s football team, and changes her world and her view of herself forever.

This is a short story told in ten episodes similar to an anthology of short stories over the course of Dawn’s and Tony’s realization of how much they mean to one another.

Also there is a short story at the end called Hush A Bye My Baby Brother for the reader to enjoy along with samples of LM Preston’s other book.

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  1. Fantastic for you--congrats! It looks intriguing, too. I'll check it out.