Monday, January 2, 2012

Hey Hey Hey 2012 Releases!

Just to keep you all updated on where and what I'm doing for the New Year I am giving you a preview. More to come with bookstore signings being set up.


Explorer X - Beta (Book 2 in the Middle Grade SciFi Adventure, Explorer X - comes out April 2012)

The Pack - Retribution (Book 2 in the Upper Young Adult, The Pack - comes out Fall, 2012)


BANDITS-Wastelands (Book 2 in the Upper Young Adult, BANDITS series)

Explorer X - Theta (Book 3 in the Middle Grade, Explorer X series)

I'm currently working on a new Paranormal series I'm hoping to sell. But it will be coming out in 2013 no matter what so stay tuned!

AUTHOR SIGHTINGS Places I'm hanging out 2012
Check out my website for updates:

Farpoint Convention (Baltimore, MD) 2/17-19th
Public Library Conference (PA) - 3/12th
Twitter Launch Party (Promo Explorer X-Beta) - 4/3th
Explorer X-Beta Blog tour - 4/8-17th
Book Expo America (NY) - 6/6-7th
Otakon (Baltimore, MD) 7/27-29th
Shore-Leave (Baltimore, MD) 8/3-5th
Baltimore Book Festival - 9/28-30th
Capclave (Baltimore, MD) - 10/12-14th

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